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Teeth whitening with a laser

In laser teeth whitening, laser beams of specific power are used that whiten teeth without any consequences.

KAVO GENTLE ray 980 is a laser that belongs to a new generation of lasers that can be used in all areas of dentistry, i.e. in surgical procedures, during the treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis, in endodontics  because it acts effectively against all kinds of infections and bacteria. In addition, it is used in dental aesthetics for laser teeth whitening that is simple, fast and effective.

In surgery, it is particularly used in the following treatments:

• abscesses

• ulcers

• biopsies

• granulomas

• fibromas

• closure of fistulas

• frenulectomy

• herpes

and in many other surgical treatments because it reduces bleeding, which enables inserting a smaller number of stitches, less swelling after the procedure, and therefore smaller wounds.

Bactericidal effect of the LASER

• reduces the use of antibiotics

• reduces pain and enables normal and controlled wound healing

In aesthetics:

• gingivoplasty – modelling of gums for improved aesthetics

• laser teeth whitening – performed in several treatments by whitening teeth by one or more shades, depending on the patient’s wishes

The laser has a very strong haemostatic effect and provides excellent healing of gums and other dental tissues. It facilitates and speeds up any dental procedure by giving maximum results in the treatment of patients.

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