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Today, periodontal diseases are the most common cause of tooth loss in the western world.

This is a long-term chronic or acute inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria, which weakens the connective fibres that bind the tooth to the bone. The bacteria destroy the ligament between the gingiva and the tooth thus causing bone loss and withdrawal of gingiva, leading to the final stage, i.e. the loss of the tooth that is left without supporting fibres. Periodontology involves the treatment of the supporting apparatus of teeth: bone, gums and fibres that hold the tooth in the bone.

In our office, we use various treatment methods from simple (such as removing plaque and tooth root planing) to more complex surgical procedures of guided tissue regeneration, and various mucogingival procedures, which regulate the aesthetics of the gingiva. By using the latest generation laser  – KAVO GENTLE RAYwe clean and sterilize periodontal pockets and provide maximum healing of the gingival tissue.

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