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After implant placement

Dental hygiene after implant placement is extremely important and the durability of the implant in the mouth depends on it.

After implant placement, coming for regular checkups is of great importance. The dentist will check dental hygiene and the state of the implants infrastructure. Thereby, it is very important to control bacterial plaque to prevent possible inflammatory processes. The patient must correctly use the recommended means of oral hygiene in order to have maximum hygiene around the implants and on the remaining teeth.

There are contraindications that do not recommend implant placement and may be local or general, temporary or permanent in character.

1) Implant placement is not recommended for patients who are not educated on the issue of basic oral hygiene and patients who do not come for regular professional oral hygiene checkups, because the resistance to a possible infection is significantly smaller than for the natural teeth, and bacterial plaque is easily deposited around the implant allowing infection of the surrounding bone.

2) Implantation surgery should not be performed if there are ongoing treatments with anticoagulants and immunosuppressants. Anaemia, reduced defence against infection, coagulopathy and juvenile diabetes are examples of contraindications to implant placement.

During the initial examination, we review the entire medical history of the patient, whereby one must not forget to inform the doctor of any general disorders or medication that the patient regularly takes!

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